Pay Per Click advertising is a very efficient way to reach quickly and efficiently your audience.

Nevertheless, your campaign must be properly crafted and well-optimised. Here are the 3 main points to have an efficient online PPC Campaign.

I. Ads & Keywords quality


First of all, the keyword list is the most important element in a Pay Per Click campaign, as it will trigger your ads on the search results page. Therefore, you need to select the right keywords that your audience could tape on Google while they are searching for a business.

You don’t know which keywords to select ?

1. Let’s think like your customers

A very effective method is to think like your customers. Go on Google and try to find your business online by entering some keywords. It will help you to build up your keywords list.

2. Use the Keyword planner tool, available on Google AdWords.

The Tool will give you keywords ideas following your business activity, your website url, etc. It gives you also data such as monthly researches and bid estimations for the keywords given.

How many Keywords to have ?

When you launch your PPC Campaign, having a list of keywords from 10 to 25 is enough. Honestly, the amount of keywords is not an important to focus on. The most important is to have a list of very relevant keywords.

 – ADS –

Your ads have to be CLEAR and ATTRACTIVE. They need to be easy and quick to understand.

IMPORTANT: Within the ad text, use words to will attract and seduce your target audience.

Then, do not hesitate to create several ads in order to improve the ad rotation and to get a full delivery. The more ads you have, the more chances you have to appear.

Here is the structure of ads:

  • Headline 1: 30 Characters
  • Headline 2: 30 Characters
  • Description line: 80 Characters
  • Display Url: 35 Characters
  • Final Url: Unlimited Characters

Essential point: Add your most relevant keywords in the headline of your ad text. Robots give a lot of importance to keywords present on the headline.

II. Bid Strategy

Second point very important indeed is the bid strategy. This point will have a BIG impact on your campaign’s performances.

You have to bid the right amount for your keywords in order to be able to challenge your competitors and appear among the first position then.

But which amount to bid ?

Good To Know: you can add columns in your keyword tab that will give you bid estimations, based on your market and competitors. These columns are very useful, as you will know how much you need to bid to appear in the first page, in the top of the 1st page or even in the first position.

 Here are the different steps to add those columns:

  1. Click on the Keyword Tab
  2. Click on the grey button Columns
  3. Select attributes and tick all the bid estimations

Then, you will find estimations at the end of the tab.

III. Ad Extensions

Last very important tip is Ad Extension. It allows advertisers to get a more prominent ad. Indeed, it appears below ads and give more visibility and provide more information.

A good thing, Your Click-Through-Rate will be enhanced !

In plus, having ad extensions will allow you to improve your campaign’s quality and so to target better your audience.

Which Ad Extensions to add ?

1. Call extension

Have your phone number displayed below your ad text.

2. Sitelinks extension

Have several additional links below your ad that will redirect clients to a specific page.

3. Location extension

Show where your business is located, by having address displayed below your ad.