Run online campaigns through Internet is a great way to reach efficiently and quicly your audience. With Google AdWords, we create and manage your campaigns.

 What we do: ↗ Clicks, ↗ Click Through Rate, ↗ Quality Score, ↗ Conversions, Search Campaigns, Display Campaigns, Remarketing, YouTube, etc.

What do We Offer ?

Google AdWords is a marketing tool allowing you to get a presence on different networks such as the Search Network, Display Network & YouTube.

Search Network

Spreading ads over the Search Network is the most common method of Pay Per Click Advertising. On to this network, your ads will appear on the Google Search Engine Result Page.

Basically, customers tap some keywords in the Search Query and then some links are displayed among results. Paid Search results are ranked first.

Display Network

The Display Network allows your ads to appear on other websites. Indeed, while you visit a website’s content, you can see on the right side a banner or an ad. That’s the Display Network.

Display Network promotes you as well on Gmal, YouTube, Blogger, etc.

YouTube Network

Do you want to promote your video through YouTube ? 

 You can target that network in order to promote your video ad format. 

 You can both promote your video through In Stream and In Display.

 In Stream: You video runs right before athe the start of a YouTube video

In Display: You video appears on the right side of your interface.